Short stories, Horror and Anthologies.

Well… its been five months since i last posted on here and i hadn’t realised that it had been so long.

Anyway; a few things have happened to me in those five months… firstly, i am going to be published in a book that i haven’t personally produced (Hoorah!). Last year i submitted my first ever short story, entitled the house of a thousand faces to a publisher  called Knightwatch Press, who were looking for stories to go in a horror anthology called masks. A few weeks ago, i had email saying that it had been accepted, and that  it will be published this October in time for Halloween.

Following this success, i had an idea. I wanted to write more short stories, and release an anthology of my own. So, many weeks later, i am pleased to say that i finished it. Twenty short stories were written and i completed a 310 page anthology called ‘Eventual Darkness’, which has just this week, been released on amazon as an eBook and a paperback, so it would be great if you guys gave it a try.

So i can now say that i have written novels, novellas and short stories. I hope you will take moment to check my books out on amazon, as they can be found on most amazon sites across the world, my latest book eventual darkness, is already beginning to sell in the US, so thank you to all those who have put their faith in my work and have given it a try.

This year i have also released another childrens book, entitled oddball monsters. this book was really something for which my imagination was able to go crazy. The monsters in this book are not typical, and each of them have very strange names, and strange illustrations to accompany them, such as the gumbledoddies and the flickerlows (they are oddballs afterall), so again, if you like strange, and are looking for a children’s book that it a little different then please, check it out.

I have also released, an illustrated crime noir novella, entitled The Firestorm Files: Amber Sky. This book was completely different for me and it was great fun to write. it is only a novella, but i wrote some twists and turns in it that will get your mind in a tangle… so if you like crime stories, and noir… with illustrations, be sure to give it a try.

Finally, i want to tell you about a non-fiction book i released. I joined a facebook page called pub sheds UK, which was a page dedicated to sheds and what people do with them, predominately converting them into home bars. So, following this, yet another idea came to me, and of course, it was an idea for a book. This book ended up being called ‘Dawn of the Shed’ and it was a non fiction guide to beer, pubs, sheds… and pubs in sheds, and ideas for how to create one yourselves. It was something different for me to do, but i enjoyed it, and thankfully others loved it too, and it is one of my bestselling books to date.

All my books can be found as eBooks and paperbacks on amazon worldwide.

So, i think that gets my blog up to date after a five months break…

Thank you for reading this post.

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See you soon.

links to amazon us and uk can be found below, for you to peruse my selection of book at your leisure:


The Orbis Chronicles: The Distant Glimmer

hello everyone,

i haven’t posted on here in a while but i wanted to announce the newly released second edition of my fantasy novel The Distant Glimmer. It is also now subtitled as The Orbis Chronicles. This Second edition has been completely re-imagined and reinvented and is the novel that i had intended to create a year ago. I am now proud of the way it has turned out and i wanted to share it with you, i have also remastered the cover which i must say is alot more aesthetically pleasing than my original attempt. You can get it on amazon worldwide as eBook and paperback, or you can get the eBook from me absolutely free of charge in return for an honest review on amazon or your own blog, if you would like to read and review then please get in touch. thanks

amazon uk:

amazon us:

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Bernie Sparks and Rocky the Rocket on Bonfire Night!

Bonfire night is a celebration that is enjoyed each year on the 5th November especially in England to mark the date that guy fawkes attempted to ignite gunpowder beneath the house of lords in London. Each year it is celebrated with fireworks and a bonfire and friends and family all come together for fun. However bonfire night can still be dangerous, so this book has been created especially for children to provide a fun and colorful way of providing children with tips on how they can keep themselves safe on bonfire night.

The book is available right now on amazon worldwide as both an eBook and a paperback (UK paperback version coming soon).

so please kindly check out the links below and take a look at the book to help keep your children safe during your celebrations.


squirt and the Christmas adventure is out now as eBook and paperback!

hello everyone,

i forgot to put a post on here telling you that my latest childrens book featuring Squirt the spotty elephant is out now on amazon worldwide as an eBook and a glossy paperback. Squirt and the christmas adventure is available now.

please kindly check it out using the links below:

amazon uk:

amazon us:

Squirt and the Christmas Adventure cover-page-001


Squirt and the Christmas adventure is nearly here!

Hello everyone,

Here is just a short post to announce the release of the next installment in the Squirt the Spotty Elephant Series.

It’s finally coming! Within the next twelve hours the brand new adventure in the Squirt the Spotty Elephant series; Squirt and the Christmas Adventure, will be available on amazon as an eBook and a glossy paperback. It will make the perfect Christmas gift for the young ones. I will let you all know when it becomes available. For now, here is the full front cover,

Thanks.  Squirt and the Christmas Adventure cover-page-001

the revenant of black manor ebook price reduction!

The price of my horror novel has been largely reduced on all amazon sites as an ebook, please check it out. over a dollar cheaper on us site and over a pound cheaper on uk site. thanks